Attempt to save the dialects: good dialect, bad dialect

The Bavarians want to promote their own language more strongly again. But what if suddenly everyone in Germany only speaks dialect?

Nice things in High German: But what if one coach speaks Saxon and the other speaks Platt? Photo: Marcel Kusch/dpa

On Wednesday, the Bavarian state government once again stood out for one of its core competencies: Spreading local color. With the "Mundart Wertvoll" project, it wants to save the Bavarian dialect. Several questions arise: What use is this? Why is it always the Bavarians who do this? How are Germans supposed to understand each other when one person snacks, the other talks and the third babbles? And does the trend toward promoting dialect make any sense at all?


Fashion and the corona crisis: contagious trends

Corona has given birth to a peculiar combat style made of subtle and crude elements. But what comes after the crisis? A completely different industry?

100 percent virus-proof: design for spring 2021, presented at Fashion Week in Madrid Photo: picture alliance/dpa

Streetwear is dead, announced Virgil Abloh, the pope of all things streetwear, at the end of last year. He, who with designers like Demna Gvasalia and Gosha Rubchinskiy, shaped the entire 2010s and brought streetwear to the center of high fashion, who were appointed as creative directors by luxury and traditional houses like Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga and got traditional houses to cooperate with sporting goods manufacturers.


Swapping initiatives in holland: sharing is the new buying

Whether it’s a car or cooking skills – you don’t have to own a lot of things to use them. Different mini-economies are developing out of the crisis.

For the analyst, is a good example of the alternative economies that are emerging everywhere. Image: screenshot

3,698 cooks, 19,768 meals, 23,929 pickups. This is the current count on the virtual counter of the website, and it is growing every day. One of the private cooks who offers her cooking skills via the Dutch website is Fleur de Sel, Flower of Salt. Neighbors, strangers from the neighborhood, from their city can also enjoy a portion of the dinner that Fleur de Sel cooks for herself via the online portal. You can pick it up from her kitchen. The 41-year-old has been involved for a few weeks, and the initiative has existed for half a year. It is popular. The Netherlands is now covered with a network of private chefs who cook for others.