“Gay paragraph” 175: “wound of our constitutional state”.

Thousands of victims of the Nazi paragraph, which was valid until 1969, are to be rehabilitated. This is what a legal opinion of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency says.

Many victims of the Nazi paragraph are still considered to have criminal records today Photo: imago/Westend61

The topic itself has long been present in jurisprudential discussion, and it has now seeped into mainstream political debate: the rehabilitation of victims of Paragraph 175 of the Criminal Code in the Federal Republic between 19.


Turkish attacks in northern iraq: creating facts with weapons

Turkey is attacking alleged PKK positions in northern Iraq. Behind this is apparently the fear of a change of policy in the United States.

According to the newspaper Hurriyet, a total of 40 fighter jets bombed targets in northern Iraq (symbol photo) Photo: Xinhua/imago

Since Wednesday morning, the Turkish army has begun a new offensive against alleged positions of the Kurdish guerrilla PKK in northern Iraq. This is initially a cross-border operation that extends only a few kilometers into northern Iraq.


Un world toilet day on november 19: the business of business

Toilets are a great luxury in Nigeria – not even half the population has one of their own at home. Public toilets are also in short supply.

Toilet ownership can make you rich. This piece of jewelry, however, is a work of art Photo: McDermid/reuters

Ibrahim Abubakar has his hands full. He is constantly unrolling toilet paper – each customer is allowed to take two to three sheets into the toilet. At the same time, he is constantly rummaging through the drawer of his small wooden table for change. Small bills – ten, twenty or fifty naira – are always in short supply: 100 naira are currently worth 25 cents.


“Ende gelande” trial in cottbus: imprisonment for coal dredger occupiers

"Ende Gelande" in court in Cottbus: the judge sees "honorable intentions" but a criminal offense in the summary proceedings against three climate activists.

Activist in a bucket-wheel excavator: This is what the blockade actions looked like in 2016 at the Welzow Sud open pit mine Photo: Christian Mang

The three occupiers of a coal excavator in Lusatia were sentenced on Monday in summary proceedings by the Cottbus District Court to two months in prison for trespassing. Judge Georg Kapplinghaus thus followed the prosecution’s request, as a fine could not be imposed on unidentified persons. The defense lawyers had demanded acquittal. Although the judge acknowledged "honorable intentions" of the defendants, he spoke of a criminal offense.


Theater play on the nsu complex: the chancellor resigns

In Munich, director Christiane Mudras addresses the major failures in the investigation of the NSU murders.

Distorted images, played out in pantomime, are projected onto the screens Photo: Franz Kimmel

It is a stage set that conveys unease: In the auditorium of the Theater Hoch X in Munich, plates are stacked irregularly. The visitors crouch on them like a bunch of castaways, surrounded by four screens. With the beginning of the performance, darkness falls over the audience. The darkness is only periodically illuminated by the light from the four projection screens. This sharpens the sense of hearing, but also frightens.


Election campaign themes of the greens: frogs are important!

Top Greens like Katrin Goring-Eckardt promote the tree frog. Has the party finally found its top issue for the election campaign?

A sign? Cem ozdemir, Sigmar Gabriel and a frog cuddle at the Green Party conference. Photo: Reuters

Prominent Greens got behind the tree frog. "What is actually supposed to be ‘wrong’ with a key project of nature conservation?" top candidate Katrin Goring-Eckardt asked on Twitter on Tuesday. Bavaria’s state leader Dieter Janecek also signaled support for the frog support. "In beautiful Bavaria one of the top issues," he tweeted.


State repression in nicaragua: campaign against independent voices

President Ortega wants to ban independent media and NGOs. On Friday night, police stormed the online newspaper "Confidencial".

Carlos Fernando Chamorro and other journalists surrounded by police in Managua Photo: dpa

Dissident voices are no longer allowed to be heard in Nicaragua. President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo have ordered the storming of independent media and institutes, including the renowned human rights center CENIDH and the organization Popol Na of former guerrilla commander Mónica Baltodano.


Racial profiling on st. Pauli: police checks control

With the increasing number of checks by the Drug Task Force, opposition from residents is growing. They accuse the police of racism.

Cop watch on St. Pauli: Activists accompany police checks with signs and attention Photo: Erik Peter

"Cop watch," is what one resident calls what took place last Saturday in Hafenstrabe: There, activists held up cardboard signs next to the officers of the Drug Task Force, with slogans like "Here I come" or "I get money for this." A mix of satire and control of what critics call racial profiling and police describe as combating the open drug scene.


Trial in sweden: a$ap rocky is free for now

The district court in Stockholm has canceled the arrest warrant against a US rapper. Even US President Trump had intervened in the case.

There he is gone: A$AP Rocky leaves Sweden in a private plane Photo: Reuters

U.S. rapper A$AP Rocky and two of his companions are again at large. An hour after the conclusion of a three-day court hearing on charges of assault, the Stockholm District Court on Friday evening lifted the arrest warrant against the three defendants "until a verdict is announced." That is scheduled for Aug. 14.


Spd politician frank baranowski in gelsenkirchen: “people no longer believe in us”.

Gelsenkirchen’s mayor Frank Baranowski is quitting. A conversation about old debts as a "ticking time bomb" and integration problems as a "taboo subject."

Lord Mayor of Gelsenkirchen since 2004 – now it’s over: Frank Baranowski Photo: picture alliance/Bernd Thissen/dpa

site: Mr. Baranowski, you have been mayor of Gelsenkirchen for 16 years, and in 2014 you achieved the best SPD result in all of North Rhine-Westphalia with 67.4 percent. Nevertheless, you are not running again in the local elections next Sunday. Why?