Youtuber interviews the us president: what obama learned about tampons

Once again, well-known Youtubers were allowed to ask the US president their questions. Obama remained calm, as always, and in the end it got almost corny.

Better Han Solo than Yoda: Obama plays the rebel. Screenshot:

"Which character from Star Wars would you like to be?" – "I guess I’d have to say Han Solo. He’s a rebel." Swoozie aka Adande Thorne gets wide-eyed and turns to the camera. Surprised? It was kind of obvious that President Obama wouldn’t choose Yoda, wasn’t it? It wasn’t until the end of his Q&A session that the Youtuber dared to draw the president out with questions like these.


Un telecommunications union meeting: the network divides the world

As expected, there is a dispute at the UN meeting on telecommunications about greater government regulation of the network. Now a committee is to look into the matter.

What to do about the dispute? Conference chairman Mohamed Nasser al Ghanim (r.). Photo: dpa

DUBAI/ The expected lines of conflict between proponents and opponents of state control of the Internet became clear on the second day of negotiations at the UN Conference on Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai. Russia presented its proposal on Wednesday to include the Internet in the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Telecommunications Guidelines (ITR) for the first time. This was supported by China and several developing countries. Portugal opposed it on behalf of the EU, as did the U.S. and Canada.


After criticism of sex work congress: political education is canceled

A seminar on prostitution is canceled. The initiative "Stop Sexkauf", which previously mobilized against it, is satisfied.

An event on feminism and prostitution without invited abolitionists? No way! Image: kallejipp/ photocase

It was supposed to combine feminism and prostitution, the seminar that the Federal Association of Erotic and Sexual Services, among others, co-organized in Dresden. From April 7 to 10, the contribution of prostitutes to an emancipatory society was to be discussed under the title "Feminism in Highheels" at the SPD-affiliated Herbert-Wehner-Werk.


Peruvian mountain guide sues rwe: in court against climate change

Saúl Luciano Lliuya attacks the electricity company RWE: For the first time, a victim of global warming wants to force the polluters to protect the climate.

Looks beautiful, but can be dangerous: Glacial lake near Huaraz. Picture: imago/westend61

With an unprecedented action, a victim of climate change is fighting back against the fossil fuel industry on the other side of the world: On Monday, Peruvian mountain guide Saúl Luciano Lliuya, through his German lawyer, demanded that the Essen-based energy provider RWE finance protective measures against the melting glaciers in the Andes, which threaten his home. If RWE does not pay, the Peruvian wants to file a lawsuit.