“Ende gelande” trial in cottbus: imprisonment for coal dredger occupiers

"Ende Gelande" in court in Cottbus: the judge sees "honorable intentions" but a criminal offense in the summary proceedings against three climate activists.

Activist in a bucket-wheel excavator: This is what the blockade actions looked like in 2016 at the Welzow Sud open pit mine Photo: Christian Mang

The three occupiers of a coal excavator in Lusatia were sentenced on Monday in summary proceedings by the Cottbus District Court to two months in prison for trespassing. Judge Georg Kapplinghaus thus followed the prosecution’s request, as a fine could not be imposed on unidentified persons. The defense lawyers had demanded acquittal. Although the judge acknowledged "honorable intentions" of the defendants, he spoke of a criminal offense.


Ban on wild animals in the circus: elephants out of the ring

Most of the time they live in a confined space and have to move again and again. Now wild animals are to be banned from circuses – but not all at once.

Soon no longer to be seen: Elephants at Zirkus Krone 2016 Photo: Felix Horhager/dpa

The controversial keeping of wild animals in traveling circuses is to be restricted and regulated more strictly overall. The German government wants to prohibit traveling circuses from rehoming giraffes, elephants, rhinos, hippos, monkeys and large bears. "Wild animals have no place in the circus ring," said Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klockner (CDU) on Thursday in Berlin, where she presented a draft regulation on the matter. Especially in traveling circuses, the animals suffered from the constant travel and the often not species-appropriate conditions and stress.


Dead on the turkish coast: at least 36 refugees drowned

Twenty-nine dead refugees washed up on the Aegean coast. Another seven drowned were recovered from the Aegean Sea. Children are said to be among the victims.

Turkish emergency forces on the beach of Dikili. Photo: ap

A deadly end has come to the dangerous crossing from Turkey to Greece for at least 36 refugees. Turkish police found 29 bodies on Tuesday on the beaches of the western region of Balikesir opposite the Greek island of Lesbos, a border guard spokesman told the AFP news agency. Another seven drowned bodies were recovered from the icy Aegean Sea. Among the victims were several children.


Theater play on the nsu complex: the chancellor resigns

In Munich, director Christiane Mudras addresses the major failures in the investigation of the NSU murders.

Distorted images, played out in pantomime, are projected onto the screens Photo: Franz Kimmel

It is a stage set that conveys unease: In the auditorium of the Theater Hoch X in Munich, plates are stacked irregularly. The visitors crouch on them like a bunch of castaways, surrounded by four screens. With the beginning of the performance, darkness falls over the audience. The darkness is only periodically illuminated by the light from the four projection screens. This sharpens the sense of hearing, but also frightens.


Decommissioning of fessenheim nuclear power plant: last victory in the upper rhine region

The French nuclear power plant Fessenheim is finally going off the grid. This ends a 43-year history of bizarre breakdowns and protests.

They have achieved their goal: demonstrators on the German side of the Rhine in front of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant Photo: Sepp Spiegl/imago images

The last days of the Fessenheim reactor were as bizarre as its 43-year history: Shortly before the oldest and most controversial of all French nuclear power plants was finally shut down on Tuesday night, an emergency shutdown occurred on Friday morning. But the operator did not want to leave it at that, and on Saturday afternoon the plant was ramped up again to full load for two days.


Election campaign themes of the greens: frogs are important!

Top Greens like Katrin Goring-Eckardt promote the tree frog. Has the party finally found its top issue for the election campaign?

A sign? Cem ozdemir, Sigmar Gabriel and a frog cuddle at the Green Party conference. Photo: Reuters

Prominent Greens got behind the tree frog. "What is actually supposed to be ‘wrong’ with a key project of nature conservation?" top candidate Katrin Goring-Eckardt asked on Twitter on Tuesday. Bavaria’s state leader Dieter Janecek also signaled support for the frog support. "In beautiful Bavaria one of the top issues," he tweeted.


State repression in nicaragua: campaign against independent voices

President Ortega wants to ban independent media and NGOs. On Friday night, police stormed the online newspaper "Confidencial".

Carlos Fernando Chamorro and other journalists surrounded by police in Managua Photo: dpa

Dissident voices are no longer allowed to be heard in Nicaragua. President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo have ordered the storming of independent media and institutes, including the renowned human rights center CENIDH and the organization Popol Na of former guerrilla commander Mónica Baltodano.


Dispute over the armenian genocide: turkey cancels eu cultural program

Again there is a dispute about the processing of the massacre of the Armenians. A German-Turkish music project angers Turkey beyond measure.

Again not amused in Turkey – this time it is about a music project of the Dresden Symphony Orchestra Photo: dpa

Turkey has reportedly terminated the EU cultural program over the controversial "Aghet" concert project by the Dresden Symphony Orchestra. "Turkey has unilaterally decided to leave the Creative Europe program," a spokesman for the EU Commission told Bild am Sonntag. The pro-government Turkish newspaper Haberturk had already reported last Monday that the reason for leaving the program was the controversial "Aghet" project. An official confirmation from the Turkish side was initially not available.


Reported for inflammatory coronalied: physician ignites

At a Bremen "Querdenken" demonstration against corona measures, a doctor sings of "virologists into the flames". The State Security investigates.

Posters during a demonstration against corona measures in Berlin Photo: Jochen Eckel/imago

The state protection of the Bremen police investigates because of Volksverhetzung against a Bremen doctor. This had sung at a "Querdenker" demonstration against the corona measures on November 14 at the main station in a self-written song: "We throw the Covid into the flames, together with virologists." Even "crisis winners" should still join the fire, that will be "a magic potion", "for us this will be a new country, with heart and mind." A video recording of his appearance, which has since been deleted, could be seen on the homepage of the Bremen group "Querdenken".