“Gay paragraph” 175: “wound of our constitutional state”.

Thousands of victims of the Nazi paragraph, which was valid until 1969, are to be rehabilitated. This is what a legal opinion of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency says.

Many victims of the Nazi paragraph are still considered to have criminal records today Photo: imago/Westend61

The topic itself has long been present in jurisprudential discussion, and it has now seeped into mainstream political debate: the rehabilitation of victims of Paragraph 175 of the Criminal Code in the Federal Republic between 19.


Wirecard scandal in the european union: “the future of finance is digital”.

The Wirecard scandal is now also occupying the European Union. But their appetite for digital payment remains strong.

While Corona has become even more popular: cashless payment with bank cards Photo: Georg Wenzel/dpa

The scandal surrounding insolvent German financial services provider Wirecard is now also calling the EU Commission into action. Deputy Commission President Valdis Dombrovskis announced tighter supervision. Centralized supervision by the EU is also possible, the Latvian said in Brussels on Thursday.


Union and spd before exploratory talks – part 1: maternity pensions as a bargaining chip

Taxes, minimum wage, pensions, rents, health. The CDU/CSU and SPD will begin their exploratory talks on Friday. Which party will buckle on which issue?

The world seen through black and red glasses: Beautiful is different. Picture: reuters

Actually, the CDU/CSU wanted to continue governing with the FDP – and the SPD together with the Greens. Now, however, the two major parties must roll the dice for posts and content without a junior partner. An overview of the most important points:


Youtuber interviews the us president: what obama learned about tampons

Once again, well-known Youtubers were allowed to ask the US president their questions. Obama remained calm, as always, and in the end it got almost corny.

Better Han Solo than Yoda: Obama plays the rebel. Screenshot:

"Which character from Star Wars would you like to be?" – "I guess I’d have to say Han Solo. He’s a rebel." Swoozie aka Adande Thorne gets wide-eyed and turns to the camera. Surprised? It was kind of obvious that President Obama wouldn’t choose Yoda, wasn’t it? It wasn’t until the end of his Q&A session that the Youtuber dared to draw the president out with questions like these.


Turkish attacks in northern iraq: creating facts with weapons

Turkey is attacking alleged PKK positions in northern Iraq. Behind this is apparently the fear of a change of policy in the United States.

According to the newspaper Hurriyet, a total of 40 fighter jets bombed targets in northern Iraq (symbol photo) Photo: Xinhua/imago

Since Wednesday morning, the Turkish army has begun a new offensive against alleged positions of the Kurdish guerrilla PKK in northern Iraq. This is initially a cross-border operation that extends only a few kilometers into northern Iraq.


Coalition agreement in bremen: senator for nursing sought

Trade unions, the Chamber of Employees and associations in Bremen are disappointed that there is no shake-up of the departments when it comes to the issue of "care".

The social affairs department is responsible for care of the elderly, while the health department is responsible for nursing care Photo: Jens Kalaene/dpa

The bundling of the areas of health and care in one department is demanded by the Chamber of Employees, the trade union Ver.di and the DGB from the future Bremen government, as well as the relatives’ initiative "Heim-Mitwirkung" and the care protection association "Biva". The state working group of independent welfare associations (LAG) is even calling for a joint department of health and social affairs.


Un world toilet day on november 19: the business of business

Toilets are a great luxury in Nigeria – not even half the population has one of their own at home. Public toilets are also in short supply.

Toilet ownership can make you rich. This piece of jewelry, however, is a work of art Photo: McDermid/reuters

Ibrahim Abubakar has his hands full. He is constantly unrolling toilet paper – each customer is allowed to take two to three sheets into the toilet. At the same time, he is constantly rummaging through the drawer of his small wooden table for change. Small bills – ten, twenty or fifty naira – are always in short supply: 100 naira are currently worth 25 cents.


Transparency in lobbying: the core principles of democracy

The "Transparent Laws" campaign calls for more transparency in legislation. What influence do lobby organizations have?

Who gets a say when the highway toll law is being drafted? Photo: dpa

It takes a long time for a law to come into force. And a lot of people can have their say along the way: employees in ministries, the federal cabinet, the Bundestag – but also experts and lobbying organizations. The "Transparent Laws" campaign wants to make transparent what influence this multitude of opinions actually has on the content of a law by sending a flood of inquiries to the authorities. With success: Last week, the federal government reportedly announced that it would make the roughly 17,000 corresponding documents available online.


Bicycle popular initiative successful: more cycling in nrw

For a year, an initiative collected signatures for better cycling. Now the state government is to present a cycling law.

Cyclists in May 2019 on the new Ruhr cycle path Photo: dpa

After Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia is now also to get a cycling law. On Wednesday, the transport committee in the Dusseldorf state parliament followed the motion of the popular initiative "Aufbruch Fahrrad" and instructed the black-yellow state government to submit such a law.


Wind energy industry in the north: cuxport booms, bremerhaven complains

While Cuxhaven’s offshore loading port is flourishing, the Bremen Senate has yet to prove the need for the "offshore terminal" in Bremerhaven.

The dike at the Luneplate nature reserve: This is where the Bremerhaven offshore terminal is to go Photo: dpa

Bremen’s Senator for Economic Affairs can only dream of this: "Workshop manager wanted," maintenance planner for electrical engineering wanted, coordinator for quality wanted. And so on.